To reach staff directly, call 715-543-8417, listen to the prompts, and enter their 3-digit extension. You may also call the school office (715-543-8417) and press ‘zero’ or extension ‘223′ for your call to be transferred by Mrs. McMahon.  To access the staff directory via telephone, call 715-543-8417, press the pound key and follow the prompts. You may leave a message for any staff member in Mrs. McMahon’s voicemail box and it will be forwarded to that staff member.  To send an email to a staff member, copy the email below and paste it into your email program.

NameTitlePhone ExtensionEmail Address
Breitholtz, NathanArt Teacher / Curriculum &
Brusch, CarolynSpecial Education
Burnett, CynthiaSpecial
Callender, Stephanie4K
Dicka, ChristySpecial
Duranso, Mary EllenFood Service273 (kitchen), 274 (office)
Frandy, LoriFood Service273 (kitchen)
Hagen, Adam3rd Grade
Hagen, NikkiDirector of Pupil Services /
Special Education Director
Hahn, Christian1st Grade
Hahn, VanessaTeacher
Iwachniuk, TomMaintenance254
Johnson, TimilleMiddle School
Kraemer, BaileySpanish Teacher / 5th Gr. Teacher / NJHS
La Plante, Jean2nd Grade
Larsen, LenAcademic Career
Maine, PattyOccupational
Matusiewicz, BethKindergarten
McMahon, JodiAdministrative
Meade, AngelaTeacher Assistant / Library
Pritzl, MattTeacher
Rymarz, ZackInformation
Semmerling, KristinTeacher
Silver, SharonSpeech / Language
Tadiello, ShannonDirector of Business
Terzinski, JenTeacher
Theisen, TerryMath
Thoma, JenniferScience Teacher / Outdoor Ed
Wallace ChristineEnglish / Language Arts Teacher
Reading Specialist /
Community Outreach Liaison
Wallace, NeilSocial Studies
White, DonnaCommunity
Wills, ChristopherBand / Music
Wills, Cynthia4th Grade
Wohlleber, DanPhy. Ed. & Health Teacher /
Athletic Director
230 (P.E. office)
Wolfe, TinaPhysical Therapist
Zaumseil, JoAnnSchool